All Day Breakfast Starts At McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD)

Instead of cutting off breakfast at 10:30am on weekdays and 11am on weekends, you can now get breakfast at McDonald’s all day. Many customers appear excited for the new all day breakfast options. Some of them said they are happy that they won’t be denied their breakfast items for arriving five minutes after the cut off time.

Customers have lobbied for McDonald’s to extend its breakfast hours for years now. There are many people that view McDonald’s breakfast as a staple part of their diet. While the restaurants will not be making its entire breakfast menu available all day, most of the more popular items will be available.

In some regions, the stores cannot sell biscuits and egg mcmuffins at the same time, so the logistics of their all day breakfast menus are still being worked out. Right now, it seems that those in the southern areas of the United States will have biscuit items for its all day breakfast menus while those in the north will have mcmuffins.

Not everyone was happy about McDonald’s switch to offering breakfast items all day. Competitors Denny’s and IHOP both took to social media to comment on the matter. On Twitter, Denny’s said, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ? #AllDayBreakfast.” IHOP posted, “Shouts to everyone tryna offer breakfast all day…shoot your shot.” Even convenience store chain 7-Eleven put its two-cents worth in, posting, “We LOVE the idea of #alldaybreakfast. It may have even been ours.”

The switch to all day breakfast is the boldest move yet for McDonald’s new CEO. He inherited a company that has had stagnant sales for a few years now. Profits for the company are down about 9 percent from last year.

The company’s franchise owners were reportedly less than enthusiastic about the change. More than 14,000 restaurants nationwide found that they needed to install additional griddles and retain employees to be able to make the switch to all day breakfast and still create the lunch and dinner products.

Many of the franchisees were already angry at the company for having so many items on the menu. However, the company says that most of the franchisees were on board with the change to all day breakfast.

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