After more than a century of use, the landline phone says goodbye in France, so there will only be those that work with direct Internet connection.

Of course, the change will not be abrupt: from November the new fixed line installations will cease to be sold and the total transformation will take effect from 2023.

According to the newspaper Le Parisien, the Orange company, in charge of telephony in France, will be in charge of the change, for which the classic copper cables and telephone poles will remain in the past.

The operation is delicate: of the 20 million users with a fixed line in France, half use the old system instead of a version with a direct connection to the Internet.

This transformation, of course, could also bring problems, from a deeper fracture between modern and rural France to how change can affect different people.

“People who are not used to new technologies, I think of the elderly, will find themselves without a telephone, just as they found themselves without television at the time of the digital terrestrial, and we will have to watch out so as not to leave anyone in the street,” said Olivier Gayraud. , communications expert in France.