Alphabet Passes Apple to Become Most Valuable Company in the World

Alphabet is now the most valuable company in the world after taking the top spot from Cupertino. California based Apple.

However, the quarterly earnings for the company report that is lost more than $3.6 billion in its projects it calls other bets and also known as moonshot projects.

According to financial data released yesterday, the bets were able to generated $448 million in revenue for 2015, but they cost Alphabet almost $3.6 billion for operations.

The other bets or moonshot projects include self-driving cars. It is worth pointing out that this marks just the first time that the company released its revenue and its losses that are not within its core products that are under the Goggle division.

During its earnings call, Alphabet’s Ruth Porat the CFO said the Google Fiber, the Nest and Verily, known previously as Google Life Sciences produced more revenue than the rest.

Interestingly is that analysts foresaw these particular results where the Nest is the larger driver, followed closely by Google Fiber.

The sum of all the operating costs was mostly due to smoke detectors and thermostats from the Nest, the Internet balloons from Project Loon, the medical research investment of Verify, and robots as well as other projects that were undisclosed.

Given that the moonshot projects are very ambitious in nature, it should not be that much of a surprise that they are amongst the biggest culprits of creating losses.

Google Fiber is a standout from the list due to the largest capital expenditure as the implementation of said product is high in cost.

Other bets, as mentioned previously include a myriad of subsidiaries and possible projects. Pinpointing the specific values is close to impossible.

While Alphabet took on some large losses in its other ventures, the advertising revenue from Google shot up tremendously.

Porat added that the revenue growth for the quarter was strong which reflects how vibrant the business is.

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